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Discover our range of much-loved mats here. Hug at Home create barrier mats, bath mats and more all made with love at our family mills in West Yorkshire.

We have been crafting textiles for over 50 years so we know a thing or two about making the perfect mat. But when you choose a mat from Hug at Home, you are getting more than just an amazing product. All our doormats are made using recycled materials, helping you to help the planet- that’s why Hug Rugs are the mat with a heart.

All our mats are made with super-absorbent fibres, ensuring they are as effective as possible at catching spills and trapping dirt. But, that doesn’t mean compromising on style, our mats are available in a range of stylish designs from contemporary to classic.

Explore our wide selection of sizes, designs and styles here.

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