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We're Supporting Plastic Oceans UK

At Hug Rug, we have been passionate about the environment for years; we started making our products using recycled materials over 10 years ago - you can read more about our environmental story here. But as the climate crisis continues we want to do more to help our planet. This is why we are delighted to announce our new support of Plastic Oceans.

Who Are Plastic Oceans?

Plastic Oceans are an organisation dedicated to tackling the climate crisis through education. Experts on plastic pollution, they run programmes to engage audiences and teach about the appropriate uses of plastic, helping to promote long-lasting change.

How Are We Supporting Them?

As part of our new support of Plastic Oceans we have made a donation to their cause. But, this also marks a new initiative at Hug Rug as we plan to continue to support Plastic Oceans and help to raise awareness of the plastic pollution problem to build a better future.

We Work with the Environment