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Here is a little bit more information for you about our lovely mat and rug brands, each has been specifically designed with you in mind, we work hard to keep each product range as environmentally friendly as possible and use latest design influences to make sure our products not only work brilliantly but look fabulous in your homes…

Hug Rug
An award winning brand, with strong environmental credentials. Designed from the outset to be super efficient and have a light environmental footprint. We believe in fair and ethical trading therefore we make sure that all of the cotton and materials that go into making our mats are from approved sources.
Awards Winning Brand
Environmentally Friendly


Our rubber backing:

Anti-slip: The waffle design combined with the soft latex rubber allows grip on hard polished surfaces and carpets to stop the mat from slipping or creeping

Anti-stain: Our stable rubber compound backing is designed not to leave marks, is non-damaging and contains non-staining antioxidants – tested for use on a wide variety of floorings. Our backing is also free from both vinyl & PVC

Recycled content: We have always looked for the best way of preventing harmful waste, as part of that we have invested in technology that allows us to add renewable rubber and post industrial plastics into the rubber backing therefore saving over 100 tonnes of plastic per year going to landfill and damaging our environment! We are very proud of the fact that our textile mills in Yorkshire are ZERO waste to landfill!

Our extra tough fibre membrane is made from recycled plastic bottles and bottle tops to bond the fibres to the backing. At our Yorkshire factories we recycle over 7.5 million plastic bottles each year preventing them ending up in the oceans or landfill.

From the sourcing of our materials, the development of entirely new manufacturing processes, using cleaner/greener sources of electricity made by hydro pumps, windmill farms and solar, through to our products disposal and recycling, we try to considered everything to ensure they have as light an environmental footprint as possible.

Machine washable: Washable at 30ºC. Due to the strong bonding layer and the flexible rubber backing the mats can be washed over and over again. The tufted surface becomes more absorbent once washed

100% Recyclable: At the end of the mats life it is fully recyclable

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HugRug Woven
We are so excited about our range of HUGRUG WOVEN products - so super soft it’s hard to believe they are made of recycled plastic bottles! We’ve been recycling plastic bottles for our lovely HugRugs for over 10 years and we are delighted to be recycling so many more by bringing you this beautiful range of Rugs, Throws and Cushions made 100% from recycled plastics (salvaged from the ocean and from land) – how clever is that! We work closely with our weaving partners to create a product that has the qualities we require from our products whilst having the environmental credentials that we strive to maintain across our Hug range.

They look and feel like wool but can be used indoors or outdoors and are mould mildew and moth resistant which means they stay fresher for longer. They are all easy wash and quick dry making them perfect for anywhere in your home and garden – and by buying one you’re helping the planet at the same time!

• Manufactured from 100% recycled plastic bottles
• Stain resistant – spills and marks wash out easily
• Washable at 30°C
• Mould, mildew and moth resistant
• Resistant to dust mites so ideal for allergy sufferers – how fabulous!
• Ideal for indoor or outdoor use (do not leave outside in bad weather though)
• Hard wearing and long lasting
• UV stable which means the lovely colour you chose will last
• Making things better for wildlife – designed to fit your life
• 100% recyclable at the end of life – so they’ll never end up polluting the environment

Environmentally Friendly

Fabulous mats & rugs
The Rug Guru range of luxury rugs brought to you by Phoenox textiles, has been inspired by extensive travel through India, China and the Middle East, all areas of the world renowned for producing rugs of the finest quality. Absorbing knowledge and sourcing designs from the best these producers have to offer, truly means we can call ourselves the Rug Guru.

The Rug Guru Range is the collaborative effort of many people, a highly talented team of dedicated professionals spread over our own manufacturing plants in the UK and India. From the designers, spinners and weavers to the people who deliver and lay the finished rug, the result of all this is a hand made rug of the highest quality. We are proud to say we design and manufacture some of the finest rugs in the world.

Created using the finest yarns available, together with our sustainable approach to manufacturing, the Rug Guru range has a timeless quality that will make your home feel special. Each time you choose one, you’ll be walking in the footsteps of three generations of craftsman rug makers and you’ll feel the luxurious texture and warmth with every step.

Our wool rugs are made of the highest quality wool yarns. Wool allows a richness of colour and texture, but that’s not all, here are some of the other benefits of a natural wool rug…

WARM AND COMFORTABLE Good quality wool is inherently soft, warm and very cosy. Being a natural insulator, it absorbs heat and releases it slowly keeping you warm in the winter whilst regulating the heat in summer.

NATURALLY ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY It is grown organically requiring only grass and water as raw materials and is naturally biodegradable and composts easily. It’s 100% sustainable and 100% renewable, with very little environmental impact throughout its production process.

DURABILITY AND PERFORMANCE Wool is extremely hard wearing. It has a natural bounce back because of the structure of the fibre, which is like a coiled spring, so it is hard to flatten and distort meaning your rug will look beautiful for many years.

STAIN RESISTANT AND Water-repellent The microscopic fibres on the outermost layer of wool trap dirt particles before they become buried deep within the carpet, making them easy to remove with vacuuming. Rugs made from wool are naturally water-repellent because the surface of wool has a very thin layer of waxy, lipid coating.

FIRE RETARDANT Wool is a naturally fire retardant fibre with a slow ignition rate, it doesn’t give off toxic fumes and self-extinguishes within seconds. Wool does not melt, drip or emit fumes making it the perfect, safe choice to have in your home.

Hypo-allergenic Wool is resistant to bacteria, mould and mildew that can trigger allergic reactions in people. It is a non-allergenic material that prevents the growth of bacteria or dust mites, one of the triggers for asthma attacks. Not only does wool absorb harmful pollutants from the air, it does not re-emit them as it holds them permanently within its core. It’s estimated that wool used in interiors can help purify the air for up to 30 years.

Origin Rugs
We have over 60 years experience in the home textile industry, and as well as manufacturing from our two mills in Yorkshire we have also created close ties with manufacturers in India, China, Turkey and Europe. Working with them to create beautiful textures and designs using the finest materials available to help create a range of rugs that will bring new life into your home.

The Origin Natural Rug Collection has designs to suit everyone. Over 80% of our rugs are made from natural pure wool, which allows a richness of colour and texture, but that’s not all, here are some of the other benefits of a natural wool rug…



My Rug
Design is where everything begins – from designing yarns, colour palettes and even specialist machinery to get the look and feel we are after. This comes from years of experience, knowledge of latest trends and a highly creative team who work hard to create and develop our products.

My Rug was created to meet the demands for an easy care, versatile, stain resistant, family friendly product. When you need practicality and a pop of colour at affordable prices My Rug is the perfect choice.

Made in our Yorkshire factories they are soft underfoot, feel luxurious and will take everything family life has to throw at them…

• 100% British design and manufacture
• Made from 100% Polypropylene frisee
• Stain resistant
• Washable and quick dry for easy care
• Colour fast, wash-fast, light-fast & fade resistant
• Non-slip flexible rubber backing and whipped edges
• Soft and comfortable, extra long pile that will never flatten
• No shedding, anti-static pile
• Resistant to mould, mildew and bacteria
• Suitable for any area of the home
• Recyclable at end of life

*We cannot be held responsible for any damage to flooring underneath the rug if a spill leaks through.


My Mat
My Mat is a range of hard wearing natural coir products specifically designed by our team of in-house designers. These doormats are not only look great but are extremely functional as well. Made from coco fibre extracted from the outer husks of coconut makes it a natural and environmentally friendly doormat. Coir mats are relatively waterproof and one of few natural fibres resistant to deterioration from weather.

This range is the result of extensive research by Phoenox Textiles who have over 60 years of trusted experience in floor textiles, with coir being one of nature’s wonder materials we have taken full advantage of its natural, hard wearing properties to bring you these plain, printed and scraper options. No all coir mats are equal, we use a high grade coir and tightly bind the fibres to give a fuller, longer lasting end product.

Here are the key features of our high quality coir range.

• Hard wearing and long lasting
• Made with 100% natural coconut husk fibres
• High grade coir product – tighter bound together for less shedding and maximum longevity
• Rot proof and moth proof
• Fungi resistant
• Superior scraping and moisture absorption
• PVC backing – Non-slip, hard wearing (Luxury Plains do not have a PVC backing)
• Suitable for indoor or outdoor use
• All printed designs are extremely durable

SHEDDING: These doormats may shed in the first few months of use. During this period simply brush or shake the mat to maintain its best appearance.

Our Luxury coir mats have no rubber backing so are well suited to areas where they may get wet as they are pure coir throughout and the water passes through. PVC backed mats are not as suitable as they take longer to dry out once wet.


Howler and Scratch
Our fun range of Nylon pet mats are perfect for your little darlings. They are stain resistant with Nylon fibres and non-slip rubber backing. Dense pile traps dirt, dust & mud to protect your clean floors. Ultra absorbent to protect floors from muddy paw prints.

The attractive printed designs come in a range of pet friendly colours. Treated with an antibacterial hygiene technology to keep the mats fresh for longer

Here’s how the mats work:

LONG LASTING: Our nylon tufting is soft, durable and stays looking good for longer. These nylon mats have a high fibre density which makes them extremely resilient, crush resistant and hard wearing – they clean the dirt off your shoes to create the perfect barrier mat. The short cropped pile allows the perfect surface for printing our lovely designs and again is more crush resistant so keeping the mat looking like new.

EASY CLEAN: Nylon is naturally resistant to staining so washing restores the mat, making it look fresh and new time after time. Quick drying enhances the easy care of the mat VIBRANT COLOURS: Nylon enhances the mats colours and stays colour fast and vibrant wash after wash

Treated with aegis® active hygiene technology which provides:
• Optimal hygiene and freshness.
• Prevents the development of bacteria and fungi.
• Prevents by indirect effect the settlement of house dust mite, responsible for allergens.
• Non-migrating technology: no migration to the skin or release into the environment.
• Long lasting treatment: high durability to laundering, lasts up to 12 washes.
• Hypo-allergenic treatment.