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More and more people are realising that the way forward is to buy less product and just buy better instead. At HugRug our mats, runners and rugs are created to be long lasting, well made and as environmentally friendly as we can make them. 

When washing any textile items tiny fibres are released and can make their way from the washing machine into our rivers and oceans. We all need to reduce the number of microfibres that get flushed away. The best option is to buy a specifically designed wash bag to prevent this – the best on the market is the GUPPYFRIEND Washing bag. The bag helps prevent friction and fibre damage/loss which in turn extends the life of the textiles, washing in a pillowcase will prevent larger fibres from escaping into your washing machine but not the tiny ones. Fibres can then be scooped up and disposed of properly. 

An increasing number of products are coming to the market to help prevent microfibre pollution in washing, have a look see what is right for you.  

 Caring for your rug and the planet - things we recommend:


Lots of our products are washable but should only be washed if they really need it, try brushing or vacuuming once mud or dirt is dry and you may find they don’t need to be washed.


  • Use a filter bag like the GUPPYFRIEND
  • Wash at 30°C or cold – the hotter the wash the more the fibres can be damaged
  • Use an eco-friendly liquid washing detergent to reduce chemicals and abrasion – have you tried ECOVER?
  • Use shorter washing cycles – less time means less friction so less damage
  • Reduce the spin speed – higher spin speed can damage the fibres causing them to break loose
  • Full loads reduce movement and friction so causing less damage to the fibres

As part of our continual approach to improvement we are always searching for ways to improve our products and reduce environmental impact.