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Caring and Sharing

 We are a family run business (since 1954), family values and respect for people, and the environment have been at the core of our business approach throughout our history.
As well as manufacturing mats, rugs and runners for your home, over the years we have contributed to different charities including Save the Children, Dogs Trust, Manchester Emergency Fund, Bumble Bee Conservation Trust etc.

We Love Manchester Emergency Fund

Our Bee mat and runner 1 was the first specifically designed charity mat we produced to raise money for the We Love Manchester Emergency Fund following the Manchester bombing, due to our amazing customers we managed to raise over £5,000. Due its success we launched a second Bee mat and runner; Bee 2 which look great in the hallway. 

Quote: "With such success we decided to kept the Bee design as our charity mat, even introducing a second colourway. We are passionate about the environment so for the past 2 years 10% of sales from our Bee designs have been supporting the Bumble Bee Conservation Trust – just another way for us to help make sure we look after our environment."

Coming soon....

We are currently looking at new designs and a partnership with additional charities – coming soon!
Our fabulous Hug Team (well the fittest amongst us!) also take part in local charity runs, the latest being the Total Warrior Leeds – Well done Guys! We have bake sales etc etc etc etc.